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My photograhy subject matter started off primarily with natural landscapes and wildlife.  I’ve always spent as much time as possible in some of the most beautiful and pristine natural environments within the country.  As my landscape and travel work started to become more defined and acknowledged, I decided to try and adapt how I shot landscapes while working with models.

The style that I feel defines my current and ever evolving work, is an industrial/urban style of pop photography.  The shots tend to focus on trying to contrast an aggressive and provacative female model with a location that inherantly has a sense of masculinity, grit and riggedness.

The images tend to be raw and unrefined looks at what is a very deliberate direction of the shots composition. The goal is to produce images that reflect a more realistic representation of the moment, rather then a surrealistic view of what the camera captured through heavy post production techniques.

- Saevus Photography

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